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How to get the celebrity look with colorescience JESSICA BIEL  Jessica struck a natural glow with her subtle makeup at the 2014 Oscars. Simple nude tones and powder highlights more » what is keratolytic technology? The term Keratolytic comes from a combination of the word "kerato" from keratin (meaning skin) and "lysis" or skin shedding. more » five common skincare myths Myth #1:Blackheads relate to cleanliness and can be scrubbed away. Blackheads may make the skin look dirty, but they are more » what epionce can do about bumps on your arms and legs If you’ve experienced discomfort or embarrassment because of red or white colored bumps on the arms or legs– you’re not more » Hyperpigmentation: The Issue We love Colorescience's blog on hyperpigmentation! It strikes without warning.  The once even, beautiful skin on your face now has an more » what causes stretch marks and how do I treat them? Pregnancy, considerable weight loss / gain and puberty are the main reasons stretch marks form. The stretching causes the middle layer of more » what you don't know about uv radiation Did you know you can actually sustain sun damage even when you are indoors?  The suns UV radiation can penetrate more » why it's essential to keep your make up brushes clean Every day, your make up brushes pick up oil, make up, dirt and other particles that can clog pores and more » Your autumn skin care to do list Autumn is now here. This is a great time to evaluate the state of your skin. As you make to more » How to cleanse your face properly Washing your face may seem like a simple task, but it takes more than just lathering up with soap and more » Retinol isn't for everyone With over 50% of the population reporting significant skin sensitivity, adding Retinol to your regime may just make sensitivity much more » avoid too much exfoliation The beauty industry is obsessed with exfoliating, it's hard to find a skincare range that doesn't include a product containing more » Change your skin regime gradually We get many enquiries each week from customers who want to change to one of our skincare lines. One of more » Drink Sensibly There are many myths and old wives tales in the skincare industry and none more commonly repeated than, “drinking water more » Sunscreen every morning..but this is Britain? Everyone gets the need to look after their skin whilst on holiday when the sun is beating down. But what more » Does getting a tan before going on holiday protect you from sun damage? The answer is a resounding no! It’s an urban myth that going on sunbeds or exposing your skin prior to a more » Your face is not a kitchen worksurface Undoubtedly convenient, face wipes are not ideal for your skin. After a long day at the office or a night more »