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avoid too much exfoliation

The beauty industry is obsessed with exfoliating, it's hard to find a skincare range that doesn't include a product containing harsh exfoliants or a magazine that isn't touting the benefits. What isn't always made clear is that exfoliating disrupts the surface of the skin allowing irritants to enter, causing inflammation (the route cause of many skin problems). Exfoliating could actually be classed as a bad habit, being counterproductive to what could be a good skin care regime; leaving your skin dry, irritated and red. 

Some exfoliants contain tiny plastic (yes, plastic!) particles that pose a risk to your skin, continually damaging the skin will only lead to bigger problems and take you further away from your skin goals, these tiny plastic particles also make their way through water waste treatment plant filters ending up in rivers and oceans posing a threat to marine life. 

Fortunately there are natural exfoliation alternatives available. Products that contain salicylic and azelaic acid help remove surface dead skin cells and debris blocking the pores without the need for harsh abrasive exfoliation.