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Your face is not a kitchen worksurface

Undoubtedly convenient, face wipes are not ideal for your skin. After a long day at the office or a night on the town grabbing a face wipe and wiping your "face" off is both fast and effective. Face wipes certainly lift oil, makeup and dead skin; if you want to know just how effective they are at removing surface dirt just try them out on a stubborn stain in your kitchen.. It's relevant to remember your skin is not a kitchen worksurface and deserves a lot more TLC.

Face wipes strip the skin barrier of key lipids which can cause irritation and reactions, not to mention the chemicals and preservatives in the residue left behind on the skin.

Luckily, there's a more effective, equally efficient way to remove your makeup and that is by using a facial cleanser. Opt for a cleanser that gently, yet effectively removes makeup, dirt and impurities without stripping the skin; this will also help boost your skin’s natural protective barrier, helping to prevent continual damage and chronic inflammation.

Cleansing is a vital step in any skincare regime so you shouldn't have to worry about running out, like you would with wipes, or any nasty residue being left on the skin. Wash your hands before cleansing and be sure to rinse your face well.