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when should you wear sun protection? By Colorescience We love this blog from Colorescience so we just had to share it!  "For most of the population, the word sunscreen more » Your winter skin strategy Read helpful tips from Dr Carl Thornfeldt, Dermatologist and Founder of Epionce. Don't be Moisture Shy Skin craves extra hydration during the more » Pregnancy and Epionce Product Recommendations for Expecting and Breastfeeding Mothers  How to use Epionce during one of the most exciting, and overwhelming, times of more » 4 reasons you need to invest in a good epionce cleanser Your cleanser is key to achieving the best results from your regime. With all the options and price points available, more » the one product you should be using if you're not already We loved this blog by Colorescience so much, we had to share it! Sometimes it can be hard to navigate through more » Get your skin ready for wedding season with Epionce It’s wedding season, and for brides everywhere—and their guests – part of preparation for the big day is a good more » why sunscreen is an essential part of any skincare routine "Using a broad-spectrum sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30 prevents signs of ageing like fine more » what is milia and how do you treat it? What are milia? Apart from being unsightly and annoying, milia are a trapped build-up of surface (keratin) cells in one area. more » 15 tips everyone with bad skin NEEDS to know Bad skin - whether it's on your body or face - can have a huge psychological impact on people, and more » the importance of using a lip treatment Skin on the lips has challenges. Lip tissue has fewer cell layers of thickness, as well as a different makeup more » ask the doctor: what causes blackheads? Blackheads are small plugs that form in the exit to the hair follicle (the pore). Normally cells lining the entrance more » why epionce is good for 50s+ skin Hormonal changes during the menopause affect a woman's body as well as her skin's appearance. A reduction in oestrogen causes more » hormones and hair loss in women by viviscal We love this blog written by Viviscal hair experts! Whether it’s due to post-pregnancy, menopause or other causes, an imbalance of hormones, especially oestrogen, more »