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How to help your hands survive.

Why your hands are so dry at the moment and what to do about it.

We are being encouraged to vigorously wash our hands for prolonged periods of time and as often as possible after contact with any surface that may be harbouring Covid 19. Of course this is absolutely essential to significantly reduce our risk of contracting this respiratory disease but it can wreck havoc with the health of the skin. 

Soaps and hand gel sanitisers strip the healthy lipids from the surface layers of the skin, thus weakening the external skin barrier. This barrier comprised of the top 12 to 15 epidermal cells separated by thin lipid layers makes up the roof of the skin that helps to protect us from water loss and the penetration of elements from the environment. 

The problem is particularly exacerbated in those with an underlying tendency to dry skin or who suffer from conditions like eczema or psoriasis who already have a compromised skin barrier. The skin can become red, itchy, scaly and in some cases break down. Once the skin is broken secondary bacterial infections can occur with further hand washing just exacerbating the problem. People have to be careful if any of these symptoms start to persist as they could be developing an irritation or even allergic reaction to one of the constituent ingredients of the hand wash.

  • When washing with soap, dry the skin thoroughly as leaving the skin wet may adversely affect the skin lipids. At this point one can use a moisturiser straight afterwards.
  • Alternatively when using an alcohol type hand sanitiser defer the moisturiser until significantly later, as this could interfere with the effectiveness of the sanitiser, by diluting the impact of the active ingredients.

Epionce Restorative Hand Cream is the ideal hand cream as it is formulated with the perfect blend of the three key lipids to help fully restore the protective function of the external skin barrier. In addition it contains proven botanicals that help calm inflammation to soothe dryness and irritation. The consistency is critical as it is sufficiently moisturising but without feeling greasy or tacky.