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beauty editor's 6 month trial of viviscal

Katrina Persad of the Beauty Editor, trialled Viviscal for 6 months, see how pleased she was with her results below!

"Want longer, thicker, fuller hair? (Who doesn't?) Well, Viviscal is a magic pill for that—and I tried it! If you caught my hair consultation with Bill Angst, then you already know how much I aspire to have Victoria's Secret Angel-style hair. So when Michelle asked me if I'd like to test-drive Viviscal—the over-the-counter wonder-supplement for hair growth—I pretty much jumped off my chair.

Having less hair didn't upset me that much... until I started noticing that I could see my scalp through my hair. The thought of spending hundreds of dollars annually on body-hair removal while the hair on my head becomes increasingly sparse gives me nightmares.


I took Viviscal twice daily for the recommended six-month course. The Skittle-sized tablets are relatively flavourless (thankfully, with no fishy taste!), which makes them easy to take with food or on their own, always with plenty of water. I took no other vitamins during my trial, and my diet remained the typical young professional menu of overpriced salads by day and fast food by night.

Over the six months that I took Viviscal (including an unplanned three-week break while moving cities), I was amazed to see the changes in my hair and nails.

After Two Months: By the end of the first two months, fewer strands were stuck in my Tangle Teezer each time I brushed my hair.

After Six Months: Throughout the final two months, I had to look closer and closer in the mirror to inspect if my scalp was visible through my hair. It was a joyful day when my small elastics couldn't wrap around my ponytail. As an added bonus, my flimsy fingernails became rock solid. Somewhere along the way, they stopped being brittle and no longer split and tear—I can't remember the last time I broke a nail.


Since finishing my six-month course, I can honestly say my hair hasn't looked this good since childhood. It is thick, shiny, nourished and long—literally everything I hoped to get from my Viviscal experience and more.

Credit: The Beauty Editor