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Epionce skincare on trial

"12 weeks ago Healthista editor Anna Magee began a blog in which she put Epionce skincare products, new to the UK, on trial on her face. She was then photographed by a harsh tell-all wrinkle camera, before, during and after her three month trial. Here is what she had to say about the results...

  • The skin looks brighter and has a more even tone, reflecting light resulting in glowing skin.
  • There is a very significant improvement of 11.2 per cent in the smoothness of the surface of the skin.
  • The amount of spots and superficial pigmentation reduced from 124 spots to 97, which reflects the brightness noticed by the naked eye and the pictures.
  • The skin shows a reduction in redness between the before and after images with a more even colour over the skin surface. Much of the blotchiness has disappeared with a more even skin tone throughout.

Spending £548 on 12 weeks worth of skincare sounds ludicrous on paper, but over 12 weeks, that amounts to £6.52 a day. For the one accessory you can’t ever take off – your face – I think that’s money well spent.

Looking in the mirror now, I haven’t seen a difference in my skin to this extent with any other skincare I have ever used, without causing any irritation. Epionce isn't cheap, but for me at least, I now know that the money I am spending is actually having an effect on my skin."

Credit: Anna Magee

Epionce skincare on trial Epionce skincare on trial Epionce skincare on trial