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kelocote gel and spray "totally worth a purchase"

"Once upon a time, my skin was nice and smooth, free of scarring and having children was only a thought. Now, after an appendectomy and 2 emergency cesarean sections, I have my fair share of scarring. It's something I'm definitely self-conscious about and try to cover them as much as possible. I couldn't wait to put Kelo-cote Gel and Kelo-cote Spray.

For testing purposes, I used the Kelo-cote Gel and Spray on my belly button area, which is another place greatly scarred from my first pregnancy. Josiah, the 9lb baby stretched out my belly button, an area that was once pierced, and left scarring that was not only visible, but red tinted. I am especially self-conscious in the summertime when we go to the beach. My once flat stomach is now red, scarred and irritated looking.

I followed the directions for both and did not notice any immediate affects. I wasn't expecting it, though, because it should occur over time. It heals the skin from the inside out. The gel feels strange, leaving a coating on the skin to waterproof. I prefer the spray, which is less visible and doesn't feel as much like glue. Both are simple to use. I just keep them in the bathroom drawer and use twice a day, in the morning and then after taking a shower at night. Easy.

Although there is still scarring, it is so much less visible!!! The redness is gone and I think the scarring has also faded. I'm so excited! I'm going to keep using Kelo-cote with hopes that, by June, I'll be ready to strut my stuff in a bikini once again. So, yes, Kelo-Cote Gel and Spray do work and are totally worth a purchase."

Credit: Children Teaching Mama Blog

kelocote gel and spray "totally worth a purchase"