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NoOTOX wrinkle eraser review by cosmedic coach

"Most of you who know me by now, will understand that I loathe the mere sight of any product that claims to be a ‘Botox” replacement, or substitute, I never acknowledge them, let alone try them. My philosophy is the closest thing to temporarily eliminating wrinkles on planet earth is indeed a toxin injection such as ‘Botox’. Alas, I may add, nothing good lasts forever though.

However, I never thought I would try this, let alone write this, but this is a fabulous wonder product!

5 minutes after application you’ll see instant results. The appearance of fine lines and wrinkles are improved significantly and skin is instantly smoother with a more even tone and texture. My skin didn’t feel tight as I expected the light film covering the area applied to feel taught but happily it felt ‘normal’.

Safe, naturally derived ingredients and pain-free, the NoTox Wrinkle Eraser says that it provides results that last between 8 and 12 hour, I would hazard to say less so given my own trial and review, I would place it around 4-6 hours, especially if you are prone to sweating and touching your face a lot, so is perfect for that big night out, wedding or important work presentation, or simply when you want to look and feel more line free.

The good thing is if it does wear out you can top it up. I did. I have taken a photo above of my eye before the NoTox and after 7 minutes of application, I have purposely not worn make up on the ‘after’ photo to show the authenticity of the product and result.

I’m impressed with the product and I think it is a very viable option to smooth out lines if just for a night out, or a special occasion."

NoOTOX wrinkle eraser review by cosmedic coach