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patricia boland calls colorescience her beauty "home"

"Diving into Colorescience, Boland said she instantly knew she had found her beauty “home”. Colorescience products are known in the dermatologist and makeup artist community for not only producing beautiful makeup looks, but also actually improving the health and appearance of people’s skin.

“The secret is in the product architecture,” said Boland, who claims she grew up a “sun worshiper”, catching rays whenever she could. “Every product we develop is based on physical sun protection. We put zinc oxide and titanium dioxide into each and every product, which ensures that we are not only transforming the way a person looks and feels, but we are also creating products that provide a true barrier of protection for your skin. Colorescience products really do more than any other cosmetic product out there.”

Boland remembers her father having a squamous cell carcinoma surgically removed from his ear when she was younger, and says that served as a wake-up call, fueling her to see the sun differently and become an advocate for sun protection. Now with two young children, she works every day to not only protect her family from the sun, but to educate others on the importance of proper sun protection.

“In my house, we have an SPF routine, just like parents would have a routine for brushing their kid’s teeth or putting on their shoes. Every morning, my three-year-old daughter applies the Sunforgettable Mineral Sunscreen Brush to her face, ears, hair part and the tops of hands. She calls it her ‘fairy dust’, and even helps put it on my 1-year-old son,” says Boland. “People invest in their kids’ future, saving for college or supporting their extracurricular interests, but they don’t often apply that same concept to their children’s health, and especially to their skin health. When I look at my kids, I am inspired every day to change that, and I hope others are too.”

Research shows that only 25 percent of children wear sunscreen daily and that just one severe sunburn in childhood can double the lifetime risk of melanoma. Also startling is that most types of skin cancer are 100 percent preventable. Boland loves using the phrase, “Every sunburn counts”, which is why she and the Colorescience team have made it their mission to change the sun habits of current and future generations. They hope to tackle this epidemic through a recently launched charitable program,Sunstoppable, which Boland says she hopes will start the conversation at the kids’ level, and really make a positive impact on the startling skin cancer statistics.

Colorescience’s Sunstoppable is dedicated to advancing a lifetime of healthy skin habits, and supports initiatives with the Skin Cancer Foundation and the Women’s Dermatologic Society, where they build shade structures in schools and parks across the U.S.

“I’ve always been a passionate person,” says Boland. “I feel truly lucky that I have been able to follow that passion and find a career where I am motivated every single day to get up and know that what I’m doing is making a difference in the lives of my family and community.”

patricia boland calls colorescience her beauty "home"