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The Fabzilla review Lindi skin

"I love discovering new skincare brands especially those that are doctor-recommended and clinically tested. Formulated to treat extreme dryness, rash, itchiness, and dark under eyes amongst patients undergoing chemotherapy, radiation and other cancer therapies, Lindi Skin has touched many lives aesthetically and emotionally.

Reading the back story of this brand is cathartic. Started in 2003 by its CEO and cancer survivor Lindy Snider, she teamed up with topnotch oncologists and dermatologists, including cancer patients, to develop products that are safe and gentle even to those with severely compromised skin conditions.   As a skincare enthusiast myself, I am more than glad to add Lindi to my must-have arsenal!

The Face Wash  is definitely one of the gentlest I have tried. For one, it's lather and fragrance-free. Its water-like formula (very liquidy) sets it apart from the majority of cream and gel-based facial cleansers I own. 

The Face Serum is my number one favorite from the line. Initially I was adamant to even put this on my face with lavender being one of the ingredients (I had a reaction to it in the past). But lo and behold, my face tolerated this product very well! I love the velvety-moist feel of this serum, plus it has a very calming aroma from different herbal and vitamin concoctions, you have to sniff it to believe it! I use it day and night, sometimes on its own, but oftentimes pre-moisturizer. Soft and supple skin, mission possible.

I have been slacking on eye creams because I feel like moisturizers and serums are enough most of the time. Lindi Eye Hydrator  has a unique gel-balm-consistency. It's not greasy and gets absorbed onto the skin pretty fast. While I still have dark under eyes (genetics mind you), I enjoy the overall soft and hydrated feeling I get from this eye product.

All Lindi Skin products are free from parabens, phthalates, gluten and animal testing. The packaging is shabby chic and cute and their products are decently-priced."

Credit: The Fabzilla

The Fabzilla review Lindi skin