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Zytaze Dietary Supplement

£47.00 / Size: 10 Capsules


Doctor's Pick

  • Description

    What is Zytaze®?

    Zytaze® provides nutritional support to enhance the effectiveness of botulinum toxin injections in cosmetic procedures.

    Formulated with a unique blend of organic zinc and phytase to increase zinc absorption, Zytaze® has been found to extend the duration of botulinum toxin injections by almost 25%*

    How it Works

    Botulinum toxins represent a family of some of the most potent naturally occurring toxins in the world, and because of their ability to inhibit muscle contractions, these toxins have been widely used in the treatment of many involuntary movement disorders and cosmetic procedures. However, to be effective, each toxin molecule must be associated with a molecule of zinc. Without zinc, the otherwise powerful botulinum toxins have little or no effect.

    Zytaze® is specially formulated with a unique patent-pending combination of highly bioavailable, organic zinc along with phytase (an enzyme that effectively breaks down phytates) to maximize zinc absorption, thereby enhancing the effectiveness of botulinum toxin injections.

    A recent pilot study*, utilizing Zytaze® demonstrated that increasing zinc levels for 4 days prior to a planned botulinum toxin injection resulted in an increase in both the treatment effect as well as duration.

  • Ingredients

    Each capsule contains Zinc as Zinc Citrate 25 mg and Phytase 500 mg.
    Other ingredients include: Silicon Dioxide, Magnesium Stearate, and Microcrystalline Cellulose.

  • Directions

    Two capsules daily for four days prior to and on the day of receiving botulinum toxin injections. Each package contains 10 capsules. Zytaze® may be taken during meals or snacks, but avoid taking Zytaze® within two hours of medications and/or supplements.

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