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Skin Education Centre: Zoria

  • Independent Skincare Panel

    Feedback from the trial panel 

    All users found improvement in eyelash density and length with several commenting that their lashes were also darker in appearance. Improvements were seen as early as 2 weeks although others took up to 4 weeks to see a discernible difference. There were no reactions even in those who considered themselves to have sensitive eyes. One trialist had previous issues with reaction to another eyelash product but had no problems with Zoria. Everyone felt the product was easy to apply and convenient as it was only a once daily treatment. 

    Average use from one 6ml bottle was over 3 months which is significantly longer than other brands we have tried.

  • Skin Doctor's Opinion

    Zoria is a very effective eyelash enhancing product that is free from the side effects of other lash products. Formulated with the sensitive eye in mind it uses patent peptide technology to significantly increase lash volume and length.

  • Skincare Manufacturer's Information

    Zoria is a trademark of OCuSOFT, Inc, a research, development and supply company specialising in eye and skin care. It is one of the most trusted and respected companies for ophthalmology. 

    Utilising patented polypeptide technology developed by ophthalmologist and biochemist Lili Fan M.D- who holds achievements in business and science which also include a practice as an ophthalmologist, Zoria™ Boost™ naturally enhances and supports the eyelash growth cycle for dramatically longer, fuller and darker looking eyelashes. 

    The product utilises patented polypeptide technology to naturally enhance and support each of the three phases of the eyelash growth cycle and contains no bimataprost prostaglandin analog. 

    1. Anagen- Active Growth Phase 
      Stimulates Keratin genes and hair follicles to support natural eyelash growth 
    2. Catagen-Transition Phase 
      Once reached maximum length and volume, Zoria Boost strengthens, repairs and protects 
    3. Telogen-Resting Phase 
      Before the eyelash eventually falls out, Zoria Boost conditions them to prepare for the next growth cycle. 
    • Experts in the field suggest that other formulations do not work as well
    • Safe for contact lens wearers
    • Ideal for those with sensitive eyes
    • Is clinically proven and drug free
    • Non-irritating and delivers noticeable results.